Extra Large Compostable Pet Wipes - 100 Pack (20cm x 20cm)

Usually pets hate bath time, and not all dogs or cats need to be washed every time they make a small mess. Dry Paws 20cm x 20cm, 100% Compostable Pet Wipes take the stress out of cleaning your pet's paws, slobbery muzzle, coat, bums and other areas in seconds without a bath. It's designed to be safe for humans and pets. Better for you, better for your pet. It's the ultimate wipe for our planet.
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Gentle, Natural and 100% Eco-Friendly.

Like baby wipes, but made for your pet and the environment. Our Compostable Pet Wipes are designed to be safe to use on your pet while being environmentally friendly with our recyclable packaging and natural stretchy bamboo, plant-based blend.

Compostable Pet Wipes - 100 Pack - Dry Paws

Scented Lavender

Dry Paws Pet Bathing Wipes are enriched with a lavender scent while each wipe is moistened with a gentle cleansing formulation to cleanse and promote healthy skin and coats while leaving a subtle scent of natural essential oil blend of lavender where ever you wipe and clean (like their buts).

Compostable Pet Wipes - 100 Pack - Dry Paws


We also have an unscented pet cleaning wipes option for those who prefer a gentler option to use everyday in-between washes to safely and conveniently clean away daily dirt and odour from your pets face, ears, body and paws.

Compostable Pet Wipes - 100 Pack - Dry Paws

One Hundred, 20cm x 20cm Pet Cleaning Wipes Per Pack

Excellent, nontoxic wipes that are the perfect size to clean all areas of your dog, cat or other pets without running out fast.

Our bulk 100 pack is designed to give you more wipes for less money because we know you like to use on yourself quickly while also cleaning up quick messes your pet makes.

Fresher For Longer.

Our hard-close lid is designed to to seal in freshness while being completely recyclable. Keep your pet wet wipes fresh, wet and ready to use.

Compostable Pet Wipes - 100 Pack - Dry Paws

Wipe Disposal

Place the used wipe in your compost or rubbish bin. Did you know you can also bury our bio-degradable pet wipes in your garden to decompose? It's handy when you're away traveling or camping, and there's minimal access to bins too.


Packaging is recyclable.

Compostable Pet Wipes - 100 Pack - Dry Paws

How to use Dry Paws eco-friendly pet wipes? 

Our wipes serve as an excellent solution for keeping your pet's skin and coat fresh and clean between baths or out on an adventure. They are versatile and can be used multiple times throughout the day without drying out, thank's to our quick clip, hard-close design.

Whether it's after meals, walks, little nasty accidents, toilet training, stepping in poop or slobbery messes, compostable pet wipes prove handy for a range of situations.

They are especially effective for cleaning various areas such as paws, skin-folds, the muzzle, around the bum, and even your pet's entire body (with the exception of sensitive eye areas).

Additionally, wipes can be a reliable option for tidying up pet-related messes around the house, but we recommend conducting a patch test on your carpet and furniture first.

Please note that wipes are for external use only. Avoid using them for cleaning your pet's eyes, and, of course, make sure your pets don't ingest them. Your pet's safety is our top priority!

Customer Reviews

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Christine Devers
Best product

These wipes are great. Great for wiping down coats, and cleaning dirty paws. Highly recommend them.

Lynda Mather

Worked really well

Mamatha Gowda
Pet Wipes

Very good quality.

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