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Does your dog suffer from anxiety? 

Introducing Dry Paws Calming Pet Bed

Did you know that approximately 40% of 5 million dogs in Australia will suffer anxiety at some stage in their life? If your dog is overly naughty this may be caused by lack of comfortable sleep. 


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Help fix your fur-babies destructive behaviour today!

Poor sleep can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems for your furbaby including destructive behaviour. If your fur-baby is suffering from anxiety, he or she may act out often. Dry Paws super soft, luxurious faux fur Calming Pet Bed helps alleviate anxiety in your loved fur friend by providing a nest that replicates the feeling of a soothing mothers touch.

Anxiety Free Sleep

Let your pup sleep easy and in comfort while feeling safe. Did you know that better sleep means a happier, healthier dog? Which means a happier, stress free you!

Incredibly Comfortable

Just like you, your pup needs a super comfortable place to rest. Dry Paws Calming Pet Bed is created with extra padding and luxurious soft faux fur. Designed to give your fur-baby the perfect place to nest in. 

Premium Cloud-like Quality

Whether you've owned or seen cheaper, lower quality dog beds at other stores. Dry Paws prioritise quality without compromise to create a super comfortable & durable bed designed to last and stay comfortable for years.

Machine Washable

Dry Paws calming pet bed is completely machine washable. Our customers just love seeing improvement in their pets hygiene while maintaining a clean home smell free from dirty dog bed odour.

Super Soft Vegan Friendly Faux Fur

Our luxurious super soft  faux fur is completely vegan friendly while the extra padding inside the beds let your furbaby feel like their sleeping on a cloud.

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Time to make your best friend cosy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping usually takes from 7 to 20 days for our calming beds. We do provide expidited next-day dispatch at an extra cost.

How can I make a payment?

We provide all the top payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Shopify Pay.

Can I inspect the goods before I receive them?

Of course you can! Upon receiving, you can open the package to check whether it’s the correct order.

What is the policy for returns and exchanges?

You can return the product for a refund within 7 days if the product is damaged during transit. We offer one for one exchange in case the product is originally damaged.

Is international shipping available at the store?

Yes, Dry Paws Australia ships to the whole world, and we do it for free!