Having a dog can be beneficial to one's mental health. It does, however, require a significant amount of work. Keeping your dog content and safe while keeping your house and car fresh may be a big chore. Scratches, fur, and drool from pets may all make a big mess. However, a car seat cover can come along and save the day. Dog car seat covers by DryPaws are an excellent option. It's water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and non-slip, so your car seat will look like new while your dog is protected.

Types of Pet Car Seat Covers

DryPaws has a variety of pet-friendly products to make life easier for you and your pet. One of them is a dog/pet car seat cover.

Our product is not only long-lasting, comfy, and simple to use, but it also comes in three various designs.

Front Seat Cover: Yes, your dog can ride in the front seat. This cover has been designed to keep your infant safe from slipping. Enjoy the journey by using the cover.

Armrest Zippers on Rear Seat Covers: this design allows you to access the armrest without removing the cover. Leave permanently attached. There's no need to take it out. It's also fashionable.

Backseat Hammock: this style is ideal for extended journeys. Your dog will be protected and will not cause you any distractions. This cover can also be used to seat people.

You must, however, turn off the passenger-side airbag and adjust the seat as far as feasible. For added safety, consider a gentle harness.

Dog Car Seat Covers

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Features of Dry Paws Car Seat Covers for Dogs

You can find Car seat covers very useful. Here We mention only main ones...
  1. Thanks to the bench layout, three you can sit safely with your dog in the back seat.
  2. Car seat covers for dogs are waterproof and scratch-resistant. As a result, no-spill, scratch, or drool can damage your vehicle seat.
  3. Designed to fit any car.
  4. Seat belt anchors have Velcro openings, and the armrest and centre belt have two zippers.
  5. Quilted top and rubberized bottom keep your dog from sliding when you take a break.
  6. The seat cover is held in place by built-in moulded seat anchors.
  7. Installation is simple. Tuck the anchors into your seat after snapping the quick-release straps around the headrests.
  8. The pet seat cover is made up of 5 layers.
  9. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, vacuum, or gentle machine wash.

Pet Car Seat Covers Material Comparison

We compare our pet car seat covers with best rated seat covers to see if we are one of them. 


Plush Paws



There are five layers in total. The 600D oxford cloth is the first layer, followed by waterproof material and PP cotton. The next layer is 200D oxford, and the last layer is anti-slip particles.

heavy-duty quilted polyester surface

quilted, heavy-duty Oxford polyester






Machine washable 

Machine washable 

Machine washable 


You can see that our product can easily compete with other top rated seat covers. Visit DryPaws for super comfortable seat cover and let your dog enjoy the journey fully.

Pet Car Seat Protector

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What to Look for in a Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Buying a car seat covers for you pet isn't that easy. There are many things you have to keep in mind. We just add some of them here.

  1. Because dogs get messy and liquid spills arise, water-resistant seat covers make the most sense when driving with dogs.
  2. Quilted dog car seat covers are composed of a heavyweight fabric that is both sturdy and durable, making them ideal for dogs who scratch or chew on them.
  3. Check the product's washing instructions. It would be much less of a headache if the product could be easily washed like dog car seat covers by DryPaws. It can be cleaned with a moist cloth, a vacuum cleaner, or a moderate machine wash.
  4. Check to see if it is compatible with your vehicle. The DryPaws cover is suitable for all types of cars.
  5. Confirm if it has multiple layers, enhancing the strength. For example, the DryPaws cover is made up of five layers. The first layer is 600D oxford cloth, followed by waterproof material and PP cotton. The following is made of 200D oxford, while the last is made of anti-slip particles.

How to Clean Our Pet Car Seat Covers

Dog car seat covers by DryPaws are straightforward to wash. A damp cloth, a vacuum cleaner, or a gentle machine wash can be used to fix it.

Step 1 - To remove the hair from the seat covers, dry vacuum them. The best technique to remove fur fibers from the material is to use a handheld carpet attachment.

Step 2 - To clean the dog car seat covers, use a machine, a carpet shampooer or detergent, and a cloth. Soak the entire surface of the seat covers, pour a tiny amount of detergent on the fabric, and scrub the covers using soap and a cloth.

Step 3 - If your cleaning procedure does not remove all the stains, you can scrub them out by hand. After wetting the spots, scatter them with baking soda and scrape them away. Allow it to sit overnight before vacuuming the soda out.

Pet Car Seat Protector

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Why Should You Buy from DryPaws?

Dog car seat covers are available practically everywhere. However, for your furry friend, we recommend DryPaws.

Our car seat cover is five-layered, making it a long-lasting, comfy, and simple to use cover. For your benefit, we provide a variety of designs. We have front seat covers, rear seat covers with armrest zippers, and back seat hammocks. It's waterproof, scratch-resistant, and non-slip, making it ideal for any activity. Last but not least, we provide free shipping and returns. In addition, our products are free of animal cruelty. So, if you are interested in our Dog Car Seat Protector.

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