Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe and Towel

Use it before and after a trip to the beach, bath, grooming centre or just on walks during those colder days. The fabric will dry your dog faster and our wrap-around design helps them "shake it off" without the water wetting you, your car or your home.
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Why you & your furbaby will love exploring with it!

This lightweight, multi-season super absorbent dog bathrobe and towel will change your perspective and experience when adventuring with your furbaby! 

🐶 Super absorbency, fast drying wrap around design for protection from messy spray, groomers just love it!

🐶 Strong velcro strap design for a secure, comfortable fit

🐶 Adjustable in size according to your best friends chubby or athletic waistline

🐶 Multi-purpose pet bathrobe keeping your fur-baby warm in winter & dry in summer!

🐶 Machine washable & easy to clean

Sick an tired of that wet dog spray?

Save your home, car and you from that wet, smelly dog spray!

👌 Highly absorbent and odour controlling
👌 Easy to wash after use
👌 Comfortable snug velcro fit for chubby or athletic furfriends

Saves the carpet, tiles, furniture, home and you from smelly, wet dog spray today!

Worried your dog is too destructive?

We're so confident in the durability of our puppy pads we're offering an exclusive 30-Day No Questions Asked Destructive Dog Replacement Guarantee FREE on all puppy pads, oversized throws and dog towels in your order.

We will replace any pads your furbaby destroys within the 30 day period that begins the day your pads arrive.

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Destructive Dog Guarantee

Please be aware that the pictures and videos showcased below may feature the Dry Paws Original Pet Bathrobe and Towel. This product has recently undergone an upgrade, incorporating striking and vivid hues, as well as a longer plush fabric blended to be more absorbent than the original.

The easiest way to dry your furbaby

Now, you don't have to be worried about your dog flicking mess everywhere while potentially catching a cold after a bath or shower because they didn't dry their coat in time

Saving you a lot of time and mess

Our pet bathrobe helps you to enjoy your trip while doing it all single-handedly! You'll quickly find out why grooming centers are purchasing our multi-packs fast and cutting their drying time in half.

1. Super Absorbency

Made from soft, breathable polyester that absorbs water quickly, this pet bathing suit will help you save more time caring for your pet after a rainy day bath, shower or walk to avoid them getting cold or smelly.

2. Strong Velcro Strap Design

The Dry Paws pet bathrobe comes with adjustable Velcro fasteners on the back for easy opening/closing. A very convenient design that offers a comfortable fit and better suits your pet. Non-sticky and adjustable in size according to your pet's waistline.

3. Traps In Hair, Dirt and Spray

Designed to hold in all the mess. Saving your car, home and clothes from that nasty wet dog smell. Made of skin-friendly polyester for durability, it is machine and hand washable and can also be tumble dried for easy cleaning.

Groomers Choice

Working closely with Pallas Park in VIC and other Dog Groomers Australia-wide, we've found that Dry Paw's super absorbent dog towel & grooming brush can save up to 40 minutes in the wash-to-dry time!

Just as humans love to be comfortable, so do dogs.

Keep your dog feeling warm and cosy all year round. Whether they're snuggled up by the fire or keeping warm after a long day at the beach, your dog will thank you for their bathrobe.

Make their experience comfortable & warm

Dry Paws Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe can be used as a towel to dry your pet's fur or as a bathrobe/coat/nightshirt for warmth and comfort. 

Whether you're both out for a quick walk in the wet or having a full blown day out the beach, Dry Paws dog bathrobe is designed to be adjustable in size.

Comfortably fitting your best friends chubby or athletic waistline while keeping them dry.

The exciting adventure begins by putting on our multi-purpose dog bathrobe.

Just see how your furbaby will react when the dog bathrobe comes out to play!


"Very happy with purchase. Well made. We use it twice a week. Our dog is a therapy dog and she wears it in the car. When she "gets dressed" she knows she is going in the car and gets very excited."

Megan Flood

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews

Excellent for a dog that is always swimming and soaking wet!

Michelle J
Great product

Easy to put on, my St Bernard dries alot quicker

Super Absorbent Dog Bathrobe

Exactly as described, love it! My Frenchie does Hydrotherapy x 2 a week being winter I needed a towel that would dry her super quick, this towel dries her within 10 mins less if I rub her with it, super soft and very snugly, highly recommend A++


Could be a bit cheaper


Is great but I got wrong size so it doesn't fit my standard poodle properly

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